Video Plan



  • We want to film the same properties we shot the aerials so that we have an outside / in mini video tour.
  • Understood on being closed, we're going for Sunday to create the least interference. 
  • We want to simply walk through a few areas within each hospital with a steady-cam to capture a smooth, internal walk-through.
  • Watch the video on this page:

  • Michael: Rush & Good Samaritan
  • Keep to an hour
  • May only be able to show public space
    • I.e. tenants
  • Can start at 7 – 8 o:clock 
  • 2 in the crew
  • Sunday Nov 6th
    • Good Samaritan
      • New revamped space - 1 tower
    • Rush
      • Same - will contact public safety department
  • Linda Enchin

Narrowed down 28 SEP 2016

Village of Downers Grove
17 OCT 2016
Cheryl then transferred to:

Community Development: Sue – has nothing to do with them – contact the police department and then the hospital.

Approve with Police Department

Airport within vicinity has been contacted (10/6/2016) and we are cleared for the shot.

Airport within vicinity has been contacted (10/6/2016) and we are cleared for the shot.

video shoot design



Create an initial video that starts from an aerial view, slowly pans down and into the building – fade to walking in through the front doors (using steady-cam), then continuing into the interior of the building with some slight side to side panning, while continuously moving. Optionally, we shoot 1 – 2 more hallways or a hallway opening up to another showcase area.

The final video should end up 30 – 60 seconds, with no sound and will serve as an endless loop behind the text of the building.

Initial shoot of 3 properties in IL will serve as a phase 1 test. If all goes well and it's well received, we can use the model (including optimizing the shooting and editing process) and extend out to other properties across the country (we can hire local photographer and have them follow our shoot recipe. 

This should ultimately feel a little like a quick 3d tour from outside in.


Several screen shots from the property videos showing how animation elements can be added on top of the video tour. These animations would be added as a second phase and would have to accommodate having the title of the building a constant over the center of the video.

Sample Videos

Initial candidates

  • Shoot will most likely have to be Saturday or Sunday for better scheduling.