Photo Plan

A day-in-the-life of Lillibridge


Spend 2 days in the Lillibridge offices, shooting "environmental" portraits of their team and create their own stock photography library with general facility shots including some staged people shots.  


NOVEMBER 1, 2016


9:00 | Mary Ann Baxter

9:30 | Carla Lyons

10:00 | Gary / Todd Audio Interview

11:00 | McHuge, Margie

00:00 | Leadership Environment Photo

00:00 | XMAS Shoot

1:00 | Ivancic, Mark

1:45 | Huges, Ian

2:30 | Owen, Steve

3:15 | Taylor, Joi

4:00 | Newman, Wendie

Glenn Photos


Christmas Card

Concept Below

  • 15 People total
  • Will be wearing red 2016 Lillibridge employee gift vest with a white or a red+white pattern turtleneck or shirt. Antlers optional
  • holiday lights with battery packs
  • Glenn: Photo ready to provide to K & M Printing the following day NOV 2.



We set up a riser for a Lobby shot and then choose an outdoor location we can walk to if the weather looks agreeable.

Glenn: Thoughts on an outdoor location you would find easiest to shoot with the best backdrop?


The Chicago River Walk at Clark Street



AUG 2014

Proff of concept

Slideshow shows a conceptual attempt to mobile photograph the team and facility. 


Stock Photo Replacement

Below are snapshots of current stock photos used along with their headlines to help get ideas on shots to pull from the shoot.

  • Several people talking within the conference room
  • People in the lobby
  • People within the stairwell
  • October 11, time open from 12 – 1