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TOBY (The Office Building of the Year) Awards

Lillibridge has been the proud recipient of the International TOBY (The Office Building of the Year) on numerous occasions. The TOBY Award, created in 1985, is the most prestigious and comprehensive evaluation in the commercial real estate profession. Described as the "Academy Awards" for office buildings, the TOBY Award recognizes quality in office buildings and excellence in office building management. Lear more by visiting

Lillibridge has been privileged to receive the following TOBY Awards - 

Banner Desert Medical Center | Mesa AZ
   Local 2009
   Regional 2010
Exempla Lutheran Medical Center | Wheat Ridge CO
   Local 2011
Florida Hospital Celebration Health | Celebration FL
   Local 2009
   Regional 2009
   Local 2010
Northwestern Memorial Hospital | Chicago IL
   Local 2004
   Regional 2005
   International 2006
Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta | Atlanta GA
   Local 2009
   Local 2011
Seton Medical Park Tower | Austin TX
   Local 2007
   Local 2010
Seton Northwest Health Plaza | Austin TX
   Local 2008
   Regional 2008
   International 2008


Lillibridge continues to position the buildings it owns and manages to compete for future TOBY awards.